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Lake Tahoe Art

A wonderful organization, The League to Save Lake Tahoe, is working
to preserve the ecology of Lake Tahoe. I was fortunate as a young aspiring student
at the University of California, Davis, to work with a highly respected professor of
Zoology, Dr. Charles Goldman in the late 1960's.

At that time , the University funded a research station at Homewood on the west
shore of the lake. It operated two research vessels that were used to monitor and collect
water samples from several stations around the lake. This was the beginning of my
lifetime of desire to visit, photograph and appreciate the spectacular splendor of
Lake Tahoe and the surrounding basin and mountains while I was working as a research
assistant for Dr. Goldman..

I have created many original artworks that celebrate the timeless beauty of
this unique mountain area of California's Sierra Nevada region. I am offering a small
sample of these works for sale.

I encourage you to become a member in the League to Save Lake Tahoe. With this
membership you will be supporting a highly active and influential organization that
tirelessly works to preserve the beauty and splendor of this ancient "Lake of the Sky".

A small sample of my artworks are shown below.

Please contact me for any questions or comments you may have.

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Lake Tahoe Art

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